Dear Patient,
As you may be aware, an announcement has been made that all English dental practices will be allowed to begin the process of reopening for emergency and routine face to face dental care from Monday the 8th of June 2020.
Our first priority during this pandemic is the well being of our patients and staff. As a result of this we will only reopen once we are satisfied that all the necessary processes (guidelines of which are yet to be published) and personal protective equipment is in place to ensure everyone’s safety.
We will be working as quickly as we can once more guidance and information is made available and we will inform you once we reopen as to what treatments we will be able to offer as the patient journey will be significantly different from pre COVID times.
At this stage we will continue to operate as we have done since the lockdown commenced which is, advice and triage to patients and referring them to existing Urgent Dental Centres for emergency care as appropriate.
Once we have established a date for re-opening our practice, we will be prioritising patients in greatest need of care for their treatment as well as those whose current course of treatment was interrupted by this pandemic.
Please do not attend the clinic unless you have been called by the practice to attend an appointment.
We hope to see you soon.
Kind regards,
Greens Dental Team